Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 187- It’s Kinda Complicated

Living the life similar to a traveling salesman has its challenges, but I can find little excuse to not witness. I moved into another temporary apartment yesterday and as soon as I arrived I noticed a park across the street. Today I paid a visit to that park and met a young couple. Kayla was raised Catholic but is now going to a Sudanese church with her boyfriend John. John was raised as a protestant in Sudan. He looked very American with his hat on backwards, pants sagging, and a large t-shirt with Tupac Shakur (a popular rapper who was murdered in 1996) on the front. I started a conversation with the young couple by asking them if I could bring my young kids over to play. I then handed them gospel tracts to shift the conversation toward spiritual things. Both were very honest about their sins and listened to the gospel as if they were learning something new. What was interesting was the look on Kayla's face when I asked, "After everything that I have just shared with you, I want to ask one more question. What is keeping you from repenting of your sins and trusting in Jesus?" You would have thought that I had punched her in the face. She jerked, looked down at the ground, thought about it for a minute and said "Well, it's kind of complicated." She told me that she used to go to church every Sunday but now she doesn't feel like it is that important. I reminded her that I was not talking about going to church. I was talking about a relationship with her Creator. I then said, "Plus, it's not that complicated. Think about your sin, and let it break your heart. Then get on your knees and cry out to Him. He will hear you." John sat quietly, but I had a few words for him as well. The rapper that was on his shirt wrote a song entitled "I wonder if Heaven got a ghetto." I asked John if he had ever heard that song and he said yes. I then commented, "John, Heaven does not have a ghetto. In Heaven we will be bowing before the throne of God worshipping Him forever. If we are not worshipping Him here, then Heaven would not be a place that you would enjoy." He smiled and we parted with them telling me how much they appreciated our conversation. I went home thanking God for this opportunity. I will be praying for John and Kayla. I hope you will as well.

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