Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 188- No Pushing

As promised, I took my kids out witnessing today at the park. We prayed for an opportunity as we walked and our prayer was partially answered when I met a single mom smoking a cigarette as her child played. I call it a partially answered prayer because I do not enjoy witnessing to females, especially when my wife is not present. This young lady thought that she was a very good person. I told her that we all look good in man's mirror, but when we use God's mirror we see something drastically different. To prove my point, I walked her through the Ten Commandments. She told me that God forgives, and I took her to court. Good judges do not let crimes go without a penalty. When I began to tell her about Jesus, her daughter asked for help on the playground. As she walked away I began to think about if it was appropriate to continue. She did not seem convicted and I did not want to force the issue. I decided that when she returned I would wait for her to restart the conversation. As expected, she did not continue to dialogue and eventually picked up her things and walked away. My kids and I were praying for her as I ran into a friend. I told him about the encounter and he responded, "You can't force open a heart." I agreed. It is good to have friends that will put things back into focus. My friend was right. She was not interested and I am not the Holy Spirit.

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