Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 193- Pray and Wait

I was putting the kids to bed when I realized that I had not had an opportunity to share the good news. Occasionally there would be a break in the chaos and I would stand in my driveway and pray. I was praying that someone would be outside so that I might proclaim the good news. I completed this ritual three times before I saw two people in the distance riding bikes. They were heading in my direction as I reached into my back pocket for tracts. I tried to meet them in the street as they approached, but I had no idea that they were moving so fast. They zipped by before I could even say hello. I went back inside to make sure that the kids were still making progress. Caden was brushing his teeth when he asked me why I kept going outside and I told him that I was praying for an opportunity to witness. He didn't hesitate to jump on my back when he knew that I was heading toward the driveway again. With Caden on my back, I noticed my neighbors were pulling into their driveway. We hurried over to greet them with a few tracts. Their car had a bumper stickers that read "coexist" and "believe" written with various religious symbols. On our way back to our house, some more neighbors were arriving home. We handed them a few gospel tracts as well. Caden and I went home and I quickly wondered if I had made a mistake. Both of these neighbors appear to be anti-religion if you judge by their bumper stickers and yard signs. I have never introduced myself and this was their first impression of me. I didn't get a chance to give a verbal witness, but I did see them reading the tracts. This may be the beginning of a rocky relationship, or perhaps the foundation that leads to many fruitful conversations. Regardless of the outcome, I am convicted that I haven't reached out in other ways. Lord, thank you for another lesson.

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