Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 194- Broken and Restored

I woke up this morning still upset by the encounters from the night before. It's not that I regret trying to share the gospel. I regret my choice of weapons. I have many tracts. Some are great icebreakers and others contain theology that answers many of today's objections to the faith. Some can be very offensive if not used wisely. If someone has a pro-choice bumper sticker on their car, handing them a tract that states "Abortion stops a human heart" may not be the wisest way to share the good news. I did that last night, and I have been burdened since. Speaking of being burdened, the man I shared with this morning was in agony by the time I arrived. He was sitting on a bench next to a Bible and reading a booklet titled "Daily Bread." I told him that he looked very spiritual sitting next his Bible and then asked him how I could get to heaven. He gave me an excellent gospel presentation and then dropped his head and said, "I went to Bible College and worked as a worship minister for three years in a church. I was fired for misconduct. I haven't been right with the Lord in a long time. I found this booklet hoping for guidance." I was going to speak, but I noticed that tears began to flow from his eyes. I sat for several minutes just listening. He knew all of the answers to his questions. He just needed someone to encourage him to get back into the race. His name is Bill. Bill knew that his love for sin had severed his relationship with his wife and three girls, and decreased his desire to serve God. Together we prayed Psalm 51. I needed to pray because my depravity is revealed to me more and more each day. Bill wanted to be restored.

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