Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 202- Stab Wounds

I handed a man a gospel tract today, but once he realized that it was a tract, he quickly handed it back to me.

Boone: I don't want this. I'm not religious.
Me: What are your spiritual beliefs?
Boone: I have my own beliefs, but I definitely don't believe in God. I once died and came back to life. I was electrocuted in my backyard. If God existed, then he would have known that I wanted to die.
Me: Do you still want to die?
Boone: No, I now have a purpose.
Me: God spared your life for a purpose?
Boone: No, God does not exist.
Me: What is your purpose?
Boone: I am an archangel of peace.

After a few more minutes, the archangel of peace showed me recent stab wounds and shared stories of shotgun fights and murdered friends. To be honest, I was beginning to look for a way to retreat. I didn't want to be around if he felt the slightest bit convicted of his sins. A car then pulled up and Boone's brother arrived in the conversation. Ryan was not near as scary, but unfortunately, his beliefs were just as awkward as Boone's. The Lord gave me strength to share the gospel to both Boone and Ryan. However, neither one showed much conviction. We talked until the sun went down. Boone's beliefs changed from witchcraft to Hindu, and Ryan refused to believe that God could achieve something that man cannot. I didn't really enjoy this encounter, but I know that there was a purpose. When I witness, I look at every opportunity as an appointment. God placed Boone and Ryan in my path today to hear the gospel, although it is difficult to believe that they were listening.

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