Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 203- Always Looking

It was late when I pulled into the gas station. Just ahead of me was a middle aged man getting gas with no shirt and a hat on backwards. I walked towards him to start a conversation, but as I got closer, his lips were moving. Confused, I went back to my car to reassess my environment. Next to me was an elderly man using two hands to squeeze the handle on the pump. As focused as he looked, I would have given him a heart attack if I were to approach him. On the other side of the elderly man was a younger gentleman talking on his cell phone. I have yet to meet someone who would hang up the phone to talk to me. My last option was to return to the shirtless man. This time as I approached, I noticed that he was visiting with a female passenger.

Me: Excuse me, sir. I notice that your truck has a U-Haul sticker, did you rent this truck?

Man: Yes, it's nice isn't it?

Me: I like it. It looks a lot better than those huge moving trucks.

Passenger: They're nice, but expensive. We paid 60 cents per mile. We even have to fill up the tank before we return it!

After I related to them a bit, their body language indicated they would be polite but distant. I had one tract in my pocket, but I was reluctant to hand it to them. It's shaped like a business card and is rather unappealing to the senses. In my car, I had a million dollar bill which I thought was extremely appropriate based on our conversation. I went to my car and returned with the bill.

Me: Guys, I have something for you that may cut some of your expenses (handing them the tract).

Both began to laugh hysterically. I returned to my car to see them both reading the tract. I didn't get a chance to give a verbal witness, but I was satisfied with the results. I often will comment to Dana that there is not enough time in the day. However, a lot can be accomplished in a time span of five minutes if you are always looking.

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