Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 204- Starting Over

Today I was at Starbucks with two friends talking about evangelism. We were loud at times so occasionally I would notice people observing us. One gentleman sat in a corner on his laptop looking over periodically as if he was interested in the conversation. At the conclusion of our meeting we all went to our cars. It wasn't until I was in the parking lot that I realized that the gentleman with his laptop was still inside. I began praying, and walked back inside to start a discussion.

Me: Sir, my friends and I were a little loud today. Did our conversation offend you?

Steve: No, not really. I didn't hear everything, but it seems like you guys were a bunch of pastors. My dad was a pastor and I used to think that I was called to be a youth minister.

Me: Do you live around here?

Steve: Yes, I grew up here and I just moved back. I am going through a divorce and I'm looking for a job.

Me: So you have moved here to return to your roots?

Steve: Yes.

Me: You said that you were a youth minister, what is the root of the gospel?

Steve: Believe in Jesus.

Me: The Bible says that even the demons believe and tremble.

Steve: You have to ask him into your heart. (This is the point where I lost eye contact with Steve.)

Toward the end of our conversation, it was obvious that Steve was bitter about his divorce and unemployment. He was highly focused on himself and utilizing his own efforts to get himself out of this mess. I pleaded with him to repent and trust in Jesus and he replied, "Man, right now I need a job. I need money." Steve is like a man in a hot desert begging for diamonds when he really needs water.

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