Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 205- Three Strikes

If witnessing was like a baseball game then today would have been a rough day at the plate. My first pitch of the day began as I was paying a parking meter. A man greeted me as he was waiting to pay his meter as well.

Man: Hi, how are you guys (I was with Dana)?

Me: Better than I deserve. How about you?

Man: I am doing great!

Me: Why is that? Are you a Christian?

Man: No, I am definitely not a Christian. It's Friday. Plus people can be great without being a Christian?

Me: What would you call yourself?

Man: Just a man that works for a living (walking away).

Swing…and a miss! Strike one.

Later, I tried to start a conversation with a teenager in a coffee shop.

Me: Hey, man. What do the letters on your shirt stand for?

Man: American Eagle.

He kept walking….strike two.

While in the library I approached an older man.

Me: Sir, how are you today?

Man: I am fine. It is very hot today.

Me: Yes, it is. Where are you from?

Man: India.

Me: Really, what brings you here?

Man: Sir, your country has wrecked my life. You rob, steal, and take everything I own.

Me: I'm sorry to hear that. Are you Muslim or a Hindu?

Man: Sir, I am finished talking with you. No more questions!

Strike Three!!

It was a tough day at the park today, but if I cared about my batting average, I would have quit a long time ago.

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