Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 213- Hounds From Hell

I was visiting a family member when my kids and I heard dogs barking and we decided to go see where it was coming from. The owner of the dogs came outside when he heard the chaos. I walked over to greet him, but I paid no attention to his dogs up until that point. My son and my youngest daughter followed me as I approached a middle aged man with territorial Rottweilers. They began to bark hysterically as I approached the fence. When the dogs showed me that they could easily jump the fence, I thought about turning around. To calm the hounds from hell, the man began yelling and slapping his dogs. At this point, I was wishing that my children would return to the house, but they knew why I had approached the man and wanted to participate in this encounter. I could tell that this man, Sam, was fairly lonely by his strong desire to talk. As he spoke, my son grabbed a tract out of my back pocket and handed it to me. I gave it to Sam and asked if he had a church background. Sam proceeded to tell me that he hates church and politics. He has his beliefs and does not care to share them with others. He then quickly changed the subject. I recognized the subtle shift in subject and did not push the issue. We chatted for several more minutes and eventually my kids and I made our way home, very slowly. At least Sam got a tract. I hope his dogs don't eat it.

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