Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 214- Stop and Drop

While walking with my family, I came up with a timid man's training wheels. I call it the stop and drop. I approached a man working on his car on the side of a neighborhood street. He looked too busy to engage in conversation, so I stopped to give him a short greeting and dropped a tract next to his tools. A few blocks down the road, I noticed a young man making mud pies in his front yard. I stopped and shared a greeting, and then dropped a tract near the curb. This is not my style of evangelism but it is a way to start sharing when you are gripped by fear. If the thought of someone talking to you frightens you to death, try something a little different. It's called the stop, drop, and roll. Once you start rolling on the ground, even the most hardened of hearts will leave you alone.

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