Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 216- Potty Mouth

I found Mr. Potty mouth outside of an auto parts store. He was sitting on the curb drinking a beer. I greeted him with a million dollar bill.

Mouth: I don't want that. If it ain't real, I don't want the @#@#!

Me: Are you sure? It is a gospel tract. Do you have any spiritual beliefs?

Mouth: I guess so @#$$#@

Me: To you who is Jesus?

Mouth: I don't #@#! know. The man upstairs @!#@!

Me: Do you believe in a heaven in a hell?

Mouth: Yeah.

Me: Where would you go?

Mouth: #@#! Heaven. I ain't done nothin wrong.

Me: If what you believed was wrong, would you want to know?

Mouth: No.

I gladly walked away from this guy. His tough guy demeanor made me think that he was going to assault me at any moment. Tomorrow, I'm going to witness before 6 pm. It can be rough when the sun comes down.

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