Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 217- Tunnel Vision

Wal-Mart is an excellent fishing hole. There are people loitering around the parking lot, sitting along the store walls, and others enjoying a brief smoke before they enter the store. I approached a man standing next to the entrance. He was a skinny guy wearing a football Jersey in extreme heat. I don't know why he was standing outside, and for some reason I didn't ask.

Me: Is your name Tiny?

Tiny: Yes. How did you know that?

Me: You have "Tiny" tattooed on your forearm. Do you go to church?

Tiny: Yes.

Me: Where do you go?

Tiny: I don't remember the name. I started going last week.

Me: Why did you start going to church?

Tiny: I just got out of the penitentiary and I want to change my life.

Tiny did not know the gospel, so I shared with him the good news. He is reading his Bible and commented that he brings it with him wherever he goes. I spent a great deal of time encouraging Tiny, but what was significant about this encounter occurred when his friend arrived. His friend was much more animated than Tiny and he desired to get into the conversation. I normally take advantage of sharing with more than one person, but I felt led to focus on Tiny. As his friend garnered for attention, Tiny and I continued to talk about walking with Jesus. I gave him my undivided attention, and he reciprocated. It was my way of showing Tiny that I cared about him. It was an opportunity to express that I truly cared about his new relationship with Jesus.

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