Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 218- Life of the Party

Are the mundane things in life getting you down? Has grocery shopping lost its luster? Well start handing out gospel tracts while you wait in line and let the party begin. A lady noticed that I only had one item so she allowed me to cut ahead in line. I thanked her and gave her a million dollar bill for her good deed. She began to laugh hysterically which created curiosity among others who were waiting. I was making my purchase when I saw several people in line trying to get a peek of her tract. Fortunately, I had hundreds of bills in my pocket so I began to pass them out to others. I was the life of the party! As I walked away, I encouraged them to read their tract when they had time. Everyone was smiling and waving as I made my way to the exit. What a fun encounter!

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