Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 222- Have Ye Not Read?

I was out witnessing with friends today, when a man approached one of them and stated, "I will start believing in God when little babies stop dying of cancer and disease!" How would you respond to this man? My first question would be, "Why do I have an answer to cancer and disease, and you do not?" This is just another way of asking, "Have ye not read?" Biblical illiteracy is a pandemic that is spreading rapidly.

The man that I approached today had a tattoo of the word "death" on the back of his neck. He works in a morgue. Obviously, he informed me that he thinks of death every day. He also believes that he will spend eternity in Hell. I asked, "Doesn't that concern you? What do you know about Hell?" He was able to answer my question with Scripture. His grandfather was a pastor. As I was sharing the good news with this man, Samuel, I could see his temples pulsating and his teeth grinding. He interrupted me to ask, "Where was God when I was beaten and raped. I love God. I believe in Him, but he left me when I needed Him the most!" Realizing that his question was sincere, I moved in closer and asked, "Have you ever read Genesis 1-11? We live in a fallen world. God created everything perfect, but man sinned and went his own way. This world is no longer perfect. Evil exists and people are living that hate God. God flooded the earth because man turned from Him, but do you know what he did two thousand years ago? He died for you. He sent His son to pay your fine. That is love. The evil that exists magnifies His goodness. This fallen world that we live in is a reason to believe. Jesus is our hope. What happened to you is horrible, but what God did for you is magnificent." Samuel sat staring off in the distance. I asked, "Do you own a Bible?" He commented that he did. I then stated, "If you love God, read His word. He wrote sixty-six love letters to you and he wants you to read them." He nodded and told me that he would. I'm glad that the Lord wrote these letters to me as well. Otherwise, this life would not make sense.

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