Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 221- Scary Old Ladies

I took my two girls on a walk today and gave them a few gospel tracts to pass out. We approached an older lady walking her two dogs. Before Mia handed the lady a tract, I asked the lady if her dogs were friendly. She said they were not, but was polite enough to pull them aside so Mia could give her the tract. She then asked, "What is this?" I said, "It's a gospel tract." She then gave me an unenthused, "Oh, okay." I asked, "Do you go to church?" "Yes," she replied. At this point I froze. My mind went blank! Before I knew it, we were talking about her sixteen year old dog. The spiritual conversation was long gone, and I could not muster a response that would bring it back. I walked away wondering what happened, but I knew the answer. I was scared. Her body language had me thinking that she was going to chew me to pieces. It's funny that I can talk to convicted felons and complete thugs, but when it comes to older women, my knees tremble. Lord, please give me the strength to share with everyone, even the elderly.

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