Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 224- Lazy or Indifferent

There is a cost to winning souls, and there is little room for laziness or indifference. Today provided countless opportunities that I could have avoided, but by the Lord's grace, I seized many opportunities. I was having breakfast with my family when I noticed a group of men that appeared to be from out of town. They were taking pictures of themselves outside of the restaurant as I was leaving. Since I was with my family, I did not engage all of them in conversation. I simply greeted a few of them with gospel tracts and asked if they were from out of town. Within seconds, the entire group had gathered around, eager to take a tract. They were from Massachusetts. Later that night, I was walking with my kids when a ten year old boy was crossing the street. It only took two seconds to reach into my back pocket for a tract. He was thrilled to get a million dollar bill. So thrilled that he and his seven year old friend caught up with us on their skateboards for more! There is a cost to winning souls but the rewards by far surpass the expense. Today's reward was the overwhelming joy of planting seeds.

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