Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 225- Fish in the Boat

I arrived home and noticed that my neighbor was swimming in his pool. I had been praying recently that I would have an opportunity to witness to him, and today seemed like my chance. As I opened the back door, I was gripped by fear. It is very hard for me to witness to people who live next to me. With a nervous sweat, I went outside and congratulated him on the sale of his home. He had recently sold his home over the weekend. I had hoped that my greeting would get him out of the pool to visit at the fence. Unfortunately, he never got out of the pool and his dog began to bark uncontrollably. The hot summer sun was pounding my face as I continued to begin a spiritual conversation. He would answer my questions but showed little interest in communication. Eventually, I went back inside and prayed for him. Dana, knowing that I was discouraged, reminded me that Mia recently knocked on their door and gave them a note that read "God loves you" accompanied by a loaf of bread.

Later that day, a young girl ran into our yard to catch her dog. She asked if I had a dog leash and I replied, "No. I'm sorry, but I do not. What I do have is the gospel of John. Have you ever read the Bible?" She said that she had, and after grabbing the booklet, her dog continued on his journey through the neighborhood. It's funny how one encounter can seem so difficult while another is so simple.

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