Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 227- Bible Contradictions

As a former high school science teacher, I can smell trouble from a mile away. Six teenage boys were walking through Barnes and Noble with a look that indicated they were up to no good. I was circling the "New Age" section looking for a "seeker" when the boys walked past me. I turned to keep an eye on them as they approached the Bibles. One of the boys thought that it would be funny if he relocated a Bible to the "Religious Fiction" aisle. I didn't find it so funny.

Me: (In my best teacher voice) Hey bud, do you have a problem with the Bible (as his
friends quickly disappear)?

Samuel: No, not really.

Me: Do you have a problem with this translation?

Samuel: No, but I do prefer The
Message translation.

Me: What is the message of the Bible?

Samuel: It is a modern translation.

Me: No, what is the overall message of the entire Bible?

Samuel: I don't know. There are so many contradictions that it is hard to say.

Me: Give me an example?

Samuel: The god of the OT is mean, while the god of the NT is much more forgiving.

Me: That is not exactly true. Let me help you out.

I walked Samuel through the Ten Commandments and explained to him that the Law is a school master to bring us to Christ. The OT (Law) identifies the need for the NT (Grace), and it has everything to do with Jesus. Therefore, the Bible is complete and is in complete unity. He told me that he never thought about it quite like that before and I left him with a tract. I walked away to see his nervous friends near the front door. Samuel grabbed the Bible that he misplaced and returned it to its original spot.

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