Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 228- Reclusive Neighbor

My grandmother has a neighbor that rarely comes outside since he lost his wife. When she died, I desperately wanted a chance to offer my condolences in person but the opportunity never presented itself. He will not answer his door. A year has passed and I have been praying for an opportunity to share with him for months. I was leaving my grandmother's today when I saw him doing some gardening on the side of his home. I applied my brakes quickly and then checked to see if anyone had gotten whip lash. The kids were okay, Dana as well, so I grabbed the first tract that I could find and made my way towards him. The tract was titled, "If We Never Meet Again." Mr. Williams didn't look too excited to see me until I identified myself. I have met him once before, but it had been a few years. I told him, "Mr. Williams, I rarely get to see you so what I have to give you may be extremely appropriate. In case we never meet again, I wanted to give this to you." He replied with a semi-smile, "Okay, thank you." My heart ached for Mr. Williams as I prayed for him in the car. I'm pretty sure that he is not a believer, and I would have liked the opportunity to visit longer. I will continue to pray for him and will hopefully see him again for follow-up.

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