Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 231- The Scariest One Yet

Ryan wanted me (Dana) to write the post for today because it was a two person effort and to encourage people that witnessing with your spouse can be an adventure as well!

Tonight Ryan and I were sitting on our backyard swing while the kids were playing and Ryan was working on an upcoming sermon. Our neighbor (the girlfriend of the man in the pool from Day 225) came out to do something with the pool when we said hello and began chatting with her. She is moving in less than 2 weeks and we were both well aware that we have never fully articulated the gospel to her. She has actually become one of our friendliest neighbors, but we were both feeling very intimidated about witnessing to her. We started out talking to her about the big move, her new house, her daughter starting school, etc. I noticed in the middle of the conversation that Ryan went to get something from inside so I began praying, knowing exactly what he was going to get. He came back out and handed her a million dollar bill gospel tract and this is what he said:

Ryan: I have to share this with you (handing her the tract). I have been out sharing with people for the last 2 years but have never talked to you and felt really bad about it. (At this point, I couldn't necessarily hear everything being said, so I moved over to the fence and decided to share as well).

Neighbor: Well, I grew up a certain denomination and just wanted to get out of that church. After my mom's funeral, I didn't want anything else to do with them. They would point out everything that I was doing wrong and then turn around and gossip about each other and act like hypocrites. I now lean more toward another denomination, but I don't go to church. I used to go to a local church, but when I left they didn't care and would still send envelopes for money. I believe in God, but I can stay home and not have to be around those people!

Dana: (after listening to her talk for a while) Well, I grew up at that church that you left, but I never understood what the gospel really was. I never understood that I had sinned against a good God and that my sins were worthy of being sent to Hell because God is holy and cannot let sin into Heaven. I believed in God, but did not understand that Jesus had paid my fine. It wasn't until we came to our current church that the Lord opened my eyes and helped me understand what salvation truly means.

She listened intently and was very respectful through the whole thing. It was a very pleasant converstation and we began talking about less serious things again. What a relief to have finally shared with her after all these years!

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