Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 230- Crazy Kid

I had heard recently that an alternative to an expensive treadmill is a jump rope. I could spare to lose a few pounds so I went to the sporting goods store. The line to check out was unusually long, but it allowed me many opportunities to share. The women in front of me had a five year old and a typical teenager. The five year old was doing his best to break anything and everything in sight. After the mom slapped him around a few times, I decided to intervene. I said, "When my kids misbehave, I bribe them with money (handing them all million dollar bills)." The teenager must have been sleep walking because he did not grab his tract. His mom looked at him and yelled, "Bobbie, take it!" He reluctantly placed it in his pocket, which will soon fall out because of all of the holes in his jeans. The mom was now smiling, but she had no interest in further conversation. Unfortunately, fake money did not curb the five year old's behavior. His mom spent the next few minutes screaming, "Honey, we do not eat money!"

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