Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 240- Love Gospel

I was out tonight handing out tracts when a man from Chicago asked, "What is this?"

Me: It's a gospel tract. Do you have a church background?
Kevin: Ahh yeah! I love Jesus! Right on, man (giving me a high five). I'm all about the gospel.
Me: Really! So am I. What is the gospel?
Kevin: It's about love. The gospel is love and we often don't do that today.
Me: How do you share the gospel?
Kevin: I just love people. I will have people over and cook them a steak. Then I just let them know that I know that times are tough, and I am there for them.
Me: How loving were the apostles?
Kevin: Man, they hung out with sinners and just loved on them.
Me: Why were most of them martyred?
Kevin: Because they shared the gospel.

I explained to Kevin that sharing the gospel is the ultimate display of love, but if people don't understand that they have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, then simply loving them with a steak is pointless. His friends arrived to pick him up, but before he left I told him an analogy by Ray Comfort. I said, "Kevin, if I came up to you and stated that I sold my house to buy the cure for Cronin's disease, you would think that I was crazy. However, if I informed you that you have Cronin's disease and I can see ten clear symptoms on your skin, me selling my home for the cure makes sense. The good news of Jesus only makes sense after someone realizes that they are lost."

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