Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 241- A Moment in Prayer

My son and I always pray for the people that I witness to that day. It was during our nightly prayer when I realized that I had not had an opportunity to witness. I went into the kitchen and grabbed the telephone book. I turned to a random page and dialed the first number.

Women: Hello?
Me: Is this ____ ?
Women: Yes.
Me: Hi, my name is Ryan Powell. I know that this is short notice, but I wanted to invite you to my church for tomorrow's service.
Women: I appreciate your interest in my soul, but I already have a church. Good bye.

That made me feel a little foolish, but at least I didn't have to get dressed and hunt someone down at the grocery store. So far, I have found zero excuses not to share every day. Even when it is late at night and you are heading to your pillow. An opportunity is just a phone call away.

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