Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 245- Not So Nice Guy

I was at church tonight when I met a man named Chris. Chris was picking up his kids from the nursery. We small talked about work and the weather when I finally decided to talk to him about his faith. There was no real reason to talk about his faith other than the opportunity to share our thoughts on the goodness of our Lord. I desired fellowship, but it turned out to be an opportunity to evangelize.

Me: Chris, do you share your faith much?

Chris: (with an evil smile) What faith? I am an agnostic.

Me: Are you serious? That is great news!

Chris: Why is that great news?

Me: Because you have been attending this church for several months, yet you do not claim to be a believer. I would take one of you over a thousand who say they know Him yet their hearts are far from Him. I thank you for your honesty. Why do you come to church?

Chris: I want my kids to experience this type of upbringing. I grew up in the church.

Me: Do you know the gospel?

Chris: I told you. I grew up in the church. I have heard everything I need to hear.

Me: Growing up in the church does not mean you heard the gospel. Have you ever had someone witness to you?

Chris: Man, I have heard and I can't believe. The sun rises everyday and I know that is true. I do not see a world where God exists.

Psalm 19:7 reads, "The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul." Hoping to revive Chris, I walked him through the Ten Commandments. I could see conviction because he seemed much more agitated with his roaming children.

Chris: Look, I have heard this before and I do not believe. If God is omniscient, how did Moses change his mind?

Me: He didn't change his mind. It was conditional upon repentance. God will withhold His wrath when people repent. Chris, that same wrath is upon you. If you repent and trust in Jesus, you will be saved.

Chris suddenly lost his temper on his three year old son. He grabbed his arm and jerked him toward the wall. His son began to cry as I tried to close on a friendly note.

Me: Chris, let's get together sometime and reason through the Scriptures.

Chris: Yeah, I would like that.

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