Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 246- Hippie Christians

My grandmother wanted to take my family out to eat, so tonight we found ourselves at an interesting restaurant. Everyone that was employed at this restaurant wore tie die shirts and had long hair. I ran into one of the employees on my way towards the car:

Me: Hey, I have a quick question. This place looks like a lot of fun to work here. Would you agree?

Joe: Yes, I love it here. It's like a hippie's paradise (laughing).

Me: What kind of religious beliefs does everyone have here?

Joe: All kinds. Some are Buddhist, agnostic, new age, you name it.

Me: What about you?

Joe: I'm a Christian.

Me: Do you witness to people here?

Joe: Sometimes.

Me: How does a hippie Christian get to heaven?

Joe: You gotta try hard and do good things.

Me: No! That's a works based answer, man. Heaven is a free gift from God. You must repent and trust in His Son Jesus.

Joe: Right on, man.

I could see that Joe was about to finish his break which is why I gave him a brief answer. We were both walking toward our destinations as I told him that he could not work his way to heaven. I did leave him with a gospel tract.

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