Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 248-On the Road….Again

I'm on the road again and I know that within a few hours I will be in the middle of nowhere. I got gas a few times and handed out a few tracts while I was waiting on the tank to fill. Since many of the people would not engage in conversation, I figured that my last two tolls would be an opportunity. When I approached the first toll, the lady appeared distant and ready to keep people moving.

Lady: (not making eye contact) How are you ….$1.25 please.

Me: I am better than I deserve.

I waited patiently for a response, but she looked ahead as if she was ready for her next customer. My second toll went a little better.

Man: How are you…$4.00 please.

Me: I am saved by grace. What about you?

Man: Hey, I like that! I'm going to use that line.

That was about as much as I could get out of him in 10 seconds. He left me with a receipt, and I left him with a gospel tract.

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