Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 249- Middle of Nowhere

Okay, imagine that you are surrounded by miles and miles of farm land. Your cell phone has no service, and you are in a town with maybe a population of 60 people. There is one church within 30 miles and 90% of the population professes Christ as their Savior. How would you find an opportunity to share with a nonbeliever? Answer: I would start with the first person I see, and if he was a believer, then I would look for someone else to share and maybe knock on every door in town. If I were to do that today, it would only take a few minutes. However, it just so happened that the first person that I encountered did not know the gospel. He was one of the few that did not attend the church that is directly across the street from his home. I shared with him the good news and it was quite clear that the Lord brought conviction. I encouraged him to read his Bible and invited him to the service that is tonight. How do you witness to someone that lives in a very small town? Just like you witness to someone living in a big city. There is nothing new under the sun. Everyone has the same objections and the Holy Spirit is still the one that illuminates the truth.

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