Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 250- Everyone is a Christian

One of the things that I immediately notice when staying in a small town is the thought that everyone is a Christian. I'm well aware that a majority of the people I meet are affiliated with the one and only church in town. I went to get gas this morning and met a man with a cigarette in each hand. One was for him and the other belonged to his wife who was working the register. I asked him if he attended church and he proceeded to give me a long list of organizations he had been a part of such as Fellowship of Christian Athletes and then told me that he did not attend the church in town. He informed me that he regularly attends a church a few hours away. I asked him if he knew how to get to heaven and he replied, "Do what's right and try hard. Try to follow God the best way you know how." It's amazing how many people you can find where there are not a lot of people that do not know the gospel, even when they are attached to a church. I had the opportunity to share a little with this man but he soon had to go. I left him with a gospel tract. I drove away from this small town realizing that even people in isolated communities need to proclaim the gospel. There may not be a lot a people around, but there is always someone who needs to hear the good news.

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