Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 251- An Expensive Lesson

My family and I were at a friend's house when our host suddenly disappeared for a few minutes. She returned to say, "Ryan, come here quick. I have someone you can witness to." I went outside and met a young lady who was selling magazines. My friend had just bought a subscription so that I could have an opportunity to share the gospel. That's a true friend. I started a friendly conversation with the young entrepenour by asking her about the tattoo on her forearm. She had tattooed her deceased grandmother's name on her to show respect and appreciation for how she kept her family together. She told me about her brothers, family concerns, even about how she has been able to see the country with her new job. I learned all this by simply asking about her tattoo! She seemed very comfortable and I was quite impressed with her upbeat personality. To switch from the natural to a spiritual conversation, I asked her if she attended a church. She told me that she attends regularly, and then proceeded to tell me about the "man upstairs." The "man upstairs" comment is a good indicator that someone does not have a personal relationship with the Lord. This is why I shared the good news with Tonya. After she had heard the gospel, Tonya immediatly began to tell me that she should be the one that brings her family back together again, just like her grandmother did when she was alive. I told Tonya that saving her family is a noble idea, but where she will spend eternity should be her main priority. She agreed, but continuted to refer to her brothers and sisters. Tonya has a desire to see her family in heaven with her, and I'm almost positive that she will return home to share the good news. Let's pray that she will tell them with boldness. Let's also pray that we tell our non-believing family members as well.

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