Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 252- Funny Story

Sharing the gospel can be fearful, however, sometimes it can be rather amusing. I was at a public park with my family today trying to return to our car. As we were walking up the only path to the parking lot, we noticed that there was a small dressed up crowd to our right and about three couples walking side by side straight towards us. I was confused until I heard the music. We were walking straight through an outdoor wedding! I grabbed the kids and quickly moved to the side of the pathway just as the bride made her way toward the small gathering. My family and I were not the only ones interrupting the wedding. There were innocent bystanders all around us. One of the victims was a shirtless young man with his girlfriend. I leaned over toward him with a gospel tract and said, "You have a lot a nerve dressing like this at a wedding!" He laughed and took the tract. As Dana and I exited the park, we counted at least three other weddings. Too bad we didn't run into any receptions. I would have enjoyed a few pieces of cake.

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