Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 260- Tricks of the Trade

Yesterday I learned that if you leave a million dollar gospel tract within eyesight of a server, it may open the door to share the good news. When I met a friend for lunch today, the first thing that I did was place a bill in the center of the table. I explained to my friend that I wanted to see if we could spark the curiosity of our server. Within seconds our server asked, "Is that real?" Tonya is new to the area and expressed a desire to get into church after I had shared the gospel with her. At the end of the meal, I gave her an invitation to my church with the times of our services listed. Now I have to be honest, I have tried leaving a tract visible several more times throughout the week and it did not work. One server was new. He was too stressed to inquire about anything other than if I had enough coffee. Another server was covered in tattoos and was way to cool to inquire anything about someone else. So leaving a gospel tract within eyesight will not always present an opportunity, but it will identify if your server is interested in conversation.

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