Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 261- No Smiling or Sinning

Tonight I was out witnessing in a heavily populated area. Apparently it was the place to be because I recognized several groups handing out literature. One of the groups appeared to have on homemade clothing. The women would place their long hair into a bun, and the men would have beards without mustaches. I would describe them as very Amish looking. I approached several members of this group to find out what they were all about.

Me: Hi guys, what kind of material are you handing out?

Woman: We are sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Me: Are you a specific denomination?

Woman: We are not a denomination. The Bible calls us the Church of God.

Me: What is different about the Church of God from someone like me in a mainline denomination?

Woman: We believe that Jesus died for our sins. If you believe in Jesus, you will not sin.

Me: Are you saying that you no longer sin?

Woman: I have sinned, but with Jesus, I haven't sinned in ten years.

Me: That would be a major difference. What will you say to God on the Day of Judgment?

Woman: I would say that I have obeyed His commandments and that I have lived a life that was pleasing to Him.

Me: Do you know what is sad about that statement? You never mentioned Jesus.

Woman: What would you say?

I then had the opportunity to share with her why the gospel is good news. Not because of anything that I have done, but only what Christ accomplished through His death, burial, and resurrection. After I had shared the gospel, I took some time to ask about their wardrobe. Their homemade clothes were for modesty's sake. Their long hair was because the Bible says that it is their glory. This provoked two more logical questions. Why do you have to wear homemade clothing when there are other modest options, and if long hair is your glory, why wear it in a bun? Her only response was, "Why are you wearing what you are wearing?" To see if she had a sense of humor I replied, "because it was on sale." She had not sinned or smiled in years and she was determined to maintain that streak tonight.

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