Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 264- Grumpy Old Man

I once attempted to witness to an elderly man who would not listen to a thing that I had to say. Instead he spent most of our time telling me how young people never listen! As people get older it seems that their hearts get even harder to the gospel. I sat next to an older man on a bench today and began a conversation about the weather. He seemed rather polite, but he would not look at me. I asked a few more questions for the purpose of small talk and he burst out, "What's with all of the questions! Why are you interrogating me?" This startled me a bit and I said, "I'm not interrogating you. I'm attempting to converse with you." "Well whatever it is, I don't feel like visiting with you!" I walked away with my knees a little weak. I didn't see that one coming. He looked like a sweet old grandpa with a cup of coffee and a rather large hat sitting on his head. I would have continued to meditate on this encounter as I was walking away, but I suddenly saw a man walking around in a heavily populated area with nothing on except his underwear. I have never witnessed to anyone in their underwear so I approached him with a gospel tract. He wasn't interested. I think it was clear that there were some issues going on with him that day.

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