Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 265- Native Tongue

Today I had the privilege of sharing the gospel to a Hindu young man who had never heard the good news. He was raised in a Hindu family. When I asked if he had ever considered Christianity he told me that he doesn't know anything about it. After sharing the good news, I asked him if he could share with me what happens after a Hindu passes away. He told me that he could not because he does not know how to translate his beliefs into English. This immediately reminded me of a Russian man who would bring his Russian Bible to an American church. When asked why he brought a Russian Bible to church he responded, "English is the language of my mind, but Russian is the language of my heart." This is why missionaries spend a great deal of time learning the language of the culture they plan to reach, to reach people with the gospel by speaking the language of their heart. I didn't speak this young man's language today, but I know that God can open the eyes of his heart.

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