Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 267- Tract Day

Every time I am given a chance to share the gospel, it puts a smile on my face. The gospel consumes me and I am so grateful for the Lord Jesus Christ, so grateful that I absolutely love sharing with others the hope that is within me. I guess that is why I can get down on tract days. There are days when I have very little opportunities to give a verbal witness and I have to simply hand out tracts. On the flip side, there are others who think that handing out tracts is a waste of time and that we must wait until the Lord gives us an opportunity that is right in our face before we ever share the gospel. However, that does not seem to be the attitude of the apostles. I was reading recently in Acts 14 how the Apostle Paul was stoned to near death in Lystra after attempting to share the good news. Luke indicates that Paul eventually got up from his stoning and walked to Derby. He walked to Derby and began proclaiming the gospel the very next day. Paul was on fire for the gospel and nothing was going to stop him from sharing the good news. I desire to be like Paul, transformed by the gospel. I will hand out a tract everyday if that is my only opportunity because our time is short and no one can promise their next breath. When I handed a gentleman a tract today, he just kept walking. I waited to see if he picked up a rock, but fortunately no stoning today. I live for the next opportunity.

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