Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 268- Making Disciples

Dana and I were at the mall today when a man said, "Hey guys, come shop in here. I'm bored out of my mind." Dana made her way into the store as I presented a cure to boredom.

Me: Since you are bored, let's talk about spiritual things. Do you have any beliefs?

Don: Yes! I was raised Lutheran so I guess I am a Christian.

Me: No offense, but I have yet to speak with a Lutheran who can share the gospel. Can you?

Don: Unfortunately, I cannot. I grew up in Wisconsin. People in the Bible belt tend to know a lot more about the Bible. I am amazed by how much people know around here. My fiancé and I are waiting until we are married before we sleep together so I am a born again something. I don't remember what you would call me.

I shared the gospel with Don as Dana looked for a new pair of shoes. He works every Sunday and his only day off is Tuesday. Don was very respectful and thanked me for sharing the good news with him. Don needs to be discipled. I will be making plans to stop by for a visit next week. If he really is born again, he needs to be strengthened and encouraged.

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