Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 270- Unique Question

I was purchasing a few items at the store today when I asked the cashier if he had gone to church. He told me that he had to work this morning but he does attend when he is able. I asked him what church he attended and he mentioned a church not too far from his work. I then asked, "What is unique about your church?" This is a question that will identify much more about him and what he believes. He thought for a moment and said, "I like that it reaches out to the community. It supports a lot of missions work both locally and abroad." That told me a lot about this gentleman. He likes to build relationships. He enjoys a church that participates outside of its four walls. I would have followed up with, "What do they believe about Jesus?" This would lead to questions about his understanding of the Lord. We could then talk about if he has a relationship with his Maker. Unfortunately, the next person in line was waiting so we did not get a chance to continue our conversation. Knowing where you are going with the conversation is very helpful when attempting to share the good news. Knowing how much time you have would be helpful, but I tend to learn from my mistakes.

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