Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 271- Last Chance

My schedule this week is quite hectic. I have spent hours traveling and have had the privilege of spending time with many believers. Unfortunately, this means that my opportunities to evangelize are few and far between. I know that if I pull over to get gas or if I stop by the store, it is my only chance to share the good news. Today, I got lost looking for a home and had to ask someone for directions. I knew that this would be my only chance, but I first needed the valuable directions that would get me and my family to our destination. As the lady told me where to go, I prepared to hand her a tract. As soon as I understood where I had to go, I thanked her for her time and gave her a gospel tract. She was not interested in additional conversation so I rolled up the window and moved on. Some of the blessings of being lost are the opportunities to hand out a tract to someone who may truly be lost. My day is pretty busy, but if we take advantage of the few opportunities that present itself, I still have no excuse for not sharing the good news.

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