Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 277- Winning the Lottery

I was in line at a convenience store when I watched the clerk and a man talk back in forth about the lottery. The man had just won his money back but he wanted the jackpot. He asked the clerk to check and see if anyone had won, and after she clicked on a few buttons, she revealed that the jackpot had been claimed. The man stormed out of the store in disgust. I couldn't help but use this opportunity to turn things into a spiritual conversation.

Clerk: Is this all you need?

Me: Yes. Did you know that I won the lottery ten years ago?

Clerk: You did! Where?

Me: On my knees. It was the day that I prayed to receive Christ.

Clerk: Okay. That's nice.

Needless to say, her response did not leave room for further discussion. I would call this encounter: too much, too soon. There is a way to shine a light to help someone find their way and it is not by shining it directly into their eyes. I think next time I will start with a simple greeting before I drop the hammer.

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