Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 276- Clean and Sober

Ten years ago today represents the first day that I stopped drinking. What better way to celebrate than to do some witnessing outside of a liquor store. I did not plan to do this, but there was a liquor store in the same parking lot where I was getting gas. Parked and waiting outside of the store where three teenagers in a small blue Toyota. I approached the car from the front with my hands waving back and forth so they would not think that I was going to rob them. That is when the passenger rolled down his window.

Me: Hi guys, are you waiting for someone inside this liquor store?

Boy: Yes, we are waiting for her mom (pointing to the driver).

Me: I just wanted to share with you that I stopped drinking ten years ago today. It is also the day that I placed my trust in Jesus and I have never been the same.

Boy: That's great! Good for you.

Me: Take these gospel tracts and read them when you get a chance. I'm not telling you that you are going to burn in Hell forever because you drink alcohol, but there will be a day of judgment. Without Jesus we will all be in big trouble.

Whenever I do something like this, I always feel like I have to justify my actions. The looks on their faces did not indicate that they thought I was a lunatic, but as I reflect on this encounter, I could sympathize if they thought I was a bit crazy. However, I can't help it. I am overwhelmed by His grace.

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