Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 275- Spiritual Birthday

As I was driving with my wife this afternoon, she reminded me that ten years ago today was the last night I spent without Christ. I woke up the very next day and placed my trust Jesus. For the rest of the day I meditated on my life ten years ago and what the Lord has done these last ten years. Later that night I was invited to a dinner party and given the opportunity to speak about my future ministry in France. I did not know anyone there so I am not sure where they are in the Lord or if there was even a nonbeliever in the house. However, I showed them a video highlighting my street ministry. I watched my friends sharing with others, and I reflected on all of the encounters that were captured on the video. I also was reminded of how I used to pursue a life that was so contrary to the things of God. As the video ended, the guests began to clap. Tears began to gather in my eyes. The only thing that I could think of to respond to their applause was, "He saved me. I was dead in my trespasses, but He saved me." Believers need to be witnessed to as well. They need to see and hear living testimonies of His goodness. John Piper always says that God is glorified when we are most satisfied in Him. Tonight, that was my witness. I am satisfied.

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