Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 274- Praying and Patience

I have now witnessed enough times at the gas station to figure out when to approach someone getting gas. It requires patience because most of the time your heart is racing and you have no idea how they will respond. One minute will seem like an eternity but I have found that you must wait until they have swiped their card to pre-pay or gone into the store to pay cash. My encounter today brought the man inside to pay cash. I prayed for him while he was inside, and when he returned, I waited once again for him to place the nozzle into the car. Once someone has made a purchase, I try to see what they will do. Most will lean on their car and watch their money disappear. He leaned on his car, I'm going in.

Me: Sir, did you pay for your gas already?

Man: Yes.

Me: Oh, that's too bad. Let me pay for it next time (handing him a million dollar bill gospel tract).

The man began to laugh out loud. I then returned to my car to see if he was interested in further conversation. Waiting can be hard to do, but it means that you have more time to pray. I wonder if the man today seemed heavier as he got into his car. I practically blanketed him in prayer.

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