Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 273- Bombing Memorial

Many people can get confused when reading the Old Testament. The advice that I have heard many give is to read the OT with Jesus in mind. Suddenly, things begin to make more since. My son and I were at the 1995 Bombing Memorial in OKC today. I explained to Caden that this is where 168 people were killed after a man placed a bomb near the building. Naturally, his first question was, "Why?" That is when I saw the fence that was used to separate the workers from spectators shortly after the bombing. The fence was decorated with all kinds of trinkets and condolences. I thought about someone passing by this fence and asking the same question as my five year old. Why? I placed a tract in the fence where the gospel was plain to see. My prayer is that when someone wants to know why, they read the tract. Maybe then they will see that these tragic acts are an indication of the broken world that we live in, and that through Jesus there is reconciliation.

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