Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 282- For the Sake of Clarity

I young lady knocked on my door today shortly after I had arrived home from work. She tried to sell me a coupon book, but I refused. She then said that the book contained many coupons that she was sure I would love. I then replied, "Do you know what I love? I love to share the gospel." She laughed and told me that her grandma "preaches" to her every day. I asked her if she knew how to get to heaven and she told me that she tried to do what is right according to her own understanding. She also commented that god will forgive her of her sins and allow her into heaven. I told her that trying to do the right thing will not get her into heaven and she responded, "How do you know? There are so many different denominations and religions in this world that no one can claim they have the answer." I then explained to her why we have different denominations (Different interpretations on non-essentials of the faith), and Christianity is exclusive in comparison to other religions because opposing religions are works based. I shared the gospel with her and she told me that she believes in Jesus. I then asked, "What are the characteristics of someone who is trusting in Jesus?" She exclaimed, "They don't have to go to church!" I replied, "Will they read their Bible?" She mumbled, "Yes." I then asked, "Would they tell others about what Jesus did on the cross?" She stared at me for a moment and finally responded, "Yes." For several more minutes I stood at the threshold of my door and explained to her the scriptures. Presenting the gospel with clarity is an essential. As long is someone is willing to listen, I will share until their heart is content. Pray for Sheila.

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