Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 283- Inopportune

Today we celebrated Dana's birthday, and like every birthday, we usually will go to a restaurant that we cannot afford. We arrived several minutes after our reservation which turned out to be a good thing. This restaurant cooks your food at the table. There are normally ten per table and in the past we have often sat next to people that we did not know. However, since we were late, Dana and I had the entire table to ourselves. I had never witnessed to anyone who carried several knifes, played with fire, and juggled utensils so I was very excited to meet our chef. He was from Vietnam and he is a Buddhist. This was something that I discovered as he was tossing the tails of shrimp into his hat. He has been to a few Christian churches but he will normally worship in the only Buddhist temple in town. Just before he set the entire table on fire, he had informed me that worship at most Buddhist temples included a bit of prayer followed by a lot of visiting. When I attempted to ask him about a personal relationship with the creator of the universe, he did not answer. He was distracted by the egg that he had just spun, tossed in the air, and somehow cracked while making fried rice. It didn't take long to realize that this was an inopportune time. Opportunities abound, but every contact may not be in a position to converse. I enjoyed the rest of his show and left him with a gospel tract.

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