Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 284- Bad Transition

Transitioning into the gospel has its difficulties, and in my opinion, takes a lot of practice. I was at a drive thru window today when I tried to pay with a million dollar bill gospel tract with a picture of President Obama on the front. The man grabbed the bill and with a smile responded, "I don't have change for this." I replied rather foolishly, "Why not, didn't he provide you with a stimulus check?" Suddenly, the clerk had lost his smile. He said, "I didn't ask for a stimulus check." I drove away thinking about other ways that could have transitioned into the gospel. Here are a few just for fun:

  1. It's actually a gospel tract, and if you think about it, no one has enough change to earn their way to heaven.
  2. Actually there is a message that doesn't say anything about changing on the back. It says to believe and repent.
  3. That's okay. Consider it a gift….just like eternal life.

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