Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 285- Foundational Faith

Today was a typical encounter with someone who has not read the Bible. He spent several minutes explaining to me what he believed to be true, but had little if any scriptural support to his believes. When he began to tell me that he believes that there will be a judgment, I asked "How do you know?" He responded, "I know it in my heart." I then decided to help him out a little, "Have you read something that talks of a judgment or did your heart tell you?" I short spark went off in his brain but I hesitate to call it a light bulb, "The Bible talks of a judgment!" Now that we had a reference point, the Bible, I then told him what the Bible says about his heart (It is wicked). I watched him throughout the conversation continue to make up his beliefs, but there was one thing that he never did, dispute scripture. When I told him that the book of Jeremiah tell us that our hearts our deceitfully wicked he quickly moved on to a new topic. When I told him that James says that even the Demons believe and tremble, he never argued that an intellectual belief would save him. However, it was always something with this guy. When you encounter someone who makes up their beliefs as the conversation unfolds, the greatest witness to that person is a life rooted in the foundations of the faith.

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