Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 286- Sacred Meat

I was leading a Bible study tonight when I sat down next to a man named Mohamed. Mohamed was eating a salad, but avoided any meat. I asked why he was not eating the meat and he told me that Islam has strict dietary rules. Unaware until now that a Muslim was in the midst, I quickly thought of an evangelistic message for tonight's study. My original plan was to make simple observations out of John 13 and specifically focus on the command for believers to love one another. However, with a nonbeliever in the house, the message was slightly altered. John 13 shows the creator of the universe serving others sacrificially, and of course we believers are well aware of the ultimate sacrifice on the cross. I told the group that we all had one thing in common with the Apostles that night in the upper room. We all need to be cleansed by Jesus. I walked everyone through the Ten Commandments and we soon discovered how filthy we are in the eyes of God. Then I shared with everyone that through repentance and faith, we can be cleansed from head to toe by the blood of Christ.

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