Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 288- Witnessing Like Lions

Sometimes what seems to be an opportunity to share most likely is an opportunity to wait patiently. I was having lunch with two men today who probably know much more Bible than me. Together, I wager that we could recite multiple verses that would completely dismantle the wisdom of man. I placed a tract on the table and almost immediately I realized that attempting to share the gospel may be a mistake. Our waitress was outnumbered, and in my experience, most people will fight or flight when encountered by three or more Bible thumping males. Fortunately, she did not recognize that a tract was on the table and never inquired about it. I instead left a large tip and left the tract on the table. I also enjoyed the fellowship of two godly men. I recently met 20 missionaries at a local restaurant. Our waiter was a nonbeliever who could have been devoured by these soul thirsty lions. Instead I saw fellow believers using the best of their manners and exuding the fruits of the Spirit. Our waiter was Hispanic. When the meal was completed and everyone was leaving, I watched a missionary from Spain approach our waiter. No longer surrounded by soul winners, but filled with the Spirit, I listened to the missionary share the good news in Spanish. Practicing patience can be difficult, but it sure is a joy to watch.

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