Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 289- Walking With God

It was late evening as I stood on a street corner passing out tracts. I was supposed to meet with a few people, but they were running late. I used the alone time to stand and talk with God. I praised Him for giving me a desire to share the gospel. I thanked Him for filling me with the Holy Spirit, and I asked for His protection from wicked and unruly men. When I recognized unruliness (three men yelling profanities at each other and barely able to walk), I held on to my tracks and waited for them to pass. I was surrounded by wickedness, but the only harm that was observed was to my tracks. When my fellow evangelist arrived thirty minutes later, one had a handful of tracts with him. He told me that he had been picking them up off of the ground. A couple of people felt like voicing their opinions, but only one comment stayed with me throughout the night. A short man smoking a cigarette and wearing a tan blazer approached me to return the tract and said, "Here, take this back. I walk with god. I don't have to wear him on my sleeve." This encounter happened so fast that my only response was, "Okay, have a good night!" The Bible speaks of only two men that have walked with God, Enoch and Noah. It would be a pleasure to walk with God, but for now, I prefer to bow to Him as Lord and obey His commandment to preach the good news to all of creation. I have found that since I have been out obeying His commands that it doesn't require a lot of walking, but a lot of talking (prayer), because I need Him every step of the way.

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